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Hottest information about 11th Annual Customer Experience Management
in Telecom Summit

19 FEBRUARY 2019


Customer Journey Director

3 Questions For Barbara Dymerska

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

We have different KPIs driving Customer Experience.
First one is NPS – Net Promoter Score.
It is a perceptional index to measure whether our customers recommend us to others. It allows our company to compare ourselves with other telco operators.
We also measure NPS on operational level in “hot survey” after interaction. It helps us see how the contact channels perform in different Customer Journeys.
The next KPI is CES – Customer Effort Score. Why? To know whether our processes and Customer Journeys based on them are easy and efficient for our Customers.
And finally – churn. All I have mentioned above is for keeping our Customers happy and loyal. I mean – churn shows us whether we are on the good way to keep our customers at Orange.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

We have a set of offers adjusted for different types of Customers and different types of needs including a low-cost brand. Our strategy is an increase of convergent customer base. We have a wide portfolio of services (mobile voice & broadband, fix services and internet), and we can offer our Customers a combined product – unique in the Polish market.
We also offer the fastest internet – FTTH, and over 1M of Orange Customers are in the coverage.
I’d also like to mention a special group of Customers – the Seniors. We call them “Young by heart”. They’re fourth part of our base, and because of their special needs we treat them in a special way – i.e. we have dedicated Customer Service and people trained to serve seniors, dedicated standard in point of sale, bigger font on invoices, etc.. We have received an independent certificate “OK Senior” confirming that our services are senior friendly.

How are you implementing Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

We have a long journey behind us and still a lot to do.
Our direction is to ensure that our Customers are able to buy and find solution in each contact channel.
We’ve built one common tool “OMNI” – available for our employees in the Contact Center and shops as well as for our Customers. We make sure we deliver the same information to the Customer and have the same processes in all touch points.
We want our Customers to start and finish their journey in the channel which is preferred by them. One of the examples is the “pick up store” standard. It means that Customer can start purchasing via Call Center or online shop, but receives the device in the closest shop.
Our direction is to ensure a Seamless Customer Experience. The strong point is digitalization (i.e. Mobile First strategy – mobile access to self-service or mobile app) and AI solutions which help us recognize Customers’ needs proactively or deliver the best solution reactively.

Barbara Dymerska has joined Orange Polska 19 years ago as a call center consultant, then she managed B2B Contact Center teams. Later, she was in charge of the strategy and segmentation team for the business market. In the period from 2014 to 2017, she performed managerial function in the area of processes and Customer Service quality for the mass market.
Currently, Barbara is responsible for Orange customers experience in the areas of purchase, usage and technical help. She works with both continuous improvement and creating new experiences.
During her career, she has conducted numerous projects to improve customers experience and to optimize e2e processes in the organization. Her priority has always been the Customer Perspective. She strongly believes that Customer Experience Management is improving the business conditions. Moreover, Barbara had carried out advisory project for one of the medical care networks in Poland, which resulted in the introduction of process management aimed at customer experience improvement.
Her real passion is sport and healthy lifestyle – in private life, she is a fitness instructor and enjoys winter swimming.

08 FEBRUARY 2019


Head of CRM & Customer Insights

3 Questions For Hassan Jaafar

Which KPI’s are driving customer experience at your company?

While we have been tracking regular business KPI’s like NPS, subscriber acquisition cost (SAC), attrition rates, web traffic and campaign conversions, one of the additional ones that we have introduced recently in the company is the customer effort score. This new metric helps to directly help us understand amount of effort customers are putting in regular engagement across multiple channels that they approach our brand for transactional activities.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

Everyone knows importance of “content”, which is built on basis of good copywriting and creative output. With increased experimentation and A/B testing best content is easy to develop. For us “contextuality” is extremely important and hence reaching out to customer when he is either exploring the brand, interacts, engages or shows sign of diss-engagement is extremely importantly.

How are you implementing Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

Consistency in providing same level of optimum user experience across all channels is a now not a luxury but a necessity. While most of our customers are acquired offline, however for transactions we keep seeing them switching between digital and offline channels. Hence as part of our digital optimization, omni-channel is one of key ingredients.

Hassan Jaafar has extensive global industry and consulting experience in areas of Strategic Planning, Analytics and Insights, Customer Value Management, Brand Management and Go to market with industry leading and challenging brands spanning across 3 continents in growing & saturated markets. His experience largely includes working in subscription business in shape of Telecommunications and Media but additionally has spent 3 years in Retail sector with P&G. Currently he is heading CRM & Insights team at Lebara and is globally responsible for CRM related capability development, increasing customer engagement and improving retention


Head of Customer Processes and Data Quality
Telia Company

3 Questions For Mia Jalawa

Which KPI’s are driving customer experience at your company?

We have the traditional NPS KPI’s such as Competitive, Transactional and Fault fix and customer effort score with B2B customers and specially for the B2C customers.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

We attract customers in the all channels they choose from us the digital channel, social media and traditional marketing. The channel which customer’ are using. Also media side the gaming events like Assembly.

How are you implementing Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

The Omni channel approach is the core principle when implementing processes and services for the customers. For example, the campaign needs to be spread all over the channels, at least informatively, and the questions are being answered in the chat, Facebook. The customer journey can be seen as giving specific roles for the channel in each phase of it. These can be, for example, the channels which have the role of giving the information (social media, chat and web pages), where the actual purchase is being made – webshop, expresses, telesales, and Telia Shops. The customer care pops out in several points of the customer journey, for example, the information seeking, purchase, delivery and usage phases, etc. Liiga (the hockey series in Finland) and Dot subscriptions have been the largest launches from the last autumn, where the customer journey had a significant role.

Mia Jalava has worked in the operator industry in the leading roles of product, process and portfolio development for over 20 years. The combination of these areas has given her a deep insight to serving customers extensive range of solutions. The newest insight has become over the artificial intelligent and robotics applications for the best of the customer and for the business. For leisure time, the cottage by the lake Saimaa gives her great possibilities to do all kinds of outdoor sports and activities with the family and dogs.

31 JANUARY 2019


Head of Customer Innovation

3 Questions For Andy Rowland

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

Our main KPI is the Net Promotor Score – but we also use our Net Easy Score and measures such as customer cycle time.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

To be honest, customers don’t really want to interact with us unless something goes wrong. The main thrust of a lot of the work we’ve done is around making sure that things don’t go wrong in the first place and, when they do, we manage the experience to make it as easy as possible to put things right.

How are you implementing Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

Omni-channel is really about steering customers to the most appropriate channel to meet their goals. For example, we will steer customers to self-service first, then provide signposting to channels such as webchat, rather than giving them a list of email addresses and phone numbers.

Andy Rowland is responsible for using innovation to help address his customer’s business challenges, providing thought leadership on everything from big data, to the internet of things, to cyber security. Andy’s current focus is on developing a number of strategic partnerships for Industry 4.0 with BT providing custom designed compute, connectivity and security wraps.

28 JANUARY 2019


Head of Customer Experience
Telefonica Germany

3 Questions For Janina Merkle

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

Our core CX KPI is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and its respective drivers. We are currently implementing a central Customer Experience Management Platform that will systematically capture the NPS on a brand, journey and touchpoint level. We also track additional KPIs, e.g. Customer Satisfaction Index or Customer Effort Score that provide a solid basis for fact-based steering of our CX transformation program to maximise business value.

What experience do you want to provide to your customers?

We have defined four core CX principles of how our experiences towards the customers should be: Convenient, Clear, Correct, and Consistent. Based on these principles, we challenge our products, services and processes in order to constantly improve our customer experience.

How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

Similar to our latest “Free” portfolio campaign, we as Telefonica Germany want to provide freedom for our customers through a consistent experience across all touchpoints. Therefore, the customer decides when, where and how to interact with us independently from the matter at hand. Despite our own ambition to provide the leading digital experience in the market, we understand the importance of physical and assisted channels along the entire customer journey. Hence, consistency is a core value in our CX efforts so that we are able to provide personal and contextual experience across the touchpoints.

Janina Merkle, a Head of Customer Experience for Telefónica Germany, is responsible for driving the CX and digital transformation by defining the customer experience strategy, optimising CX across customer journeys and fostering a customer centric mindset.
Since she joined Telefónica in 2014, Janina Merkle has held numerous executive positions in marketing and CRM. Previously, she worked for leading management consultancies, where she advised international corporations on marketing and sales.


EVP Customer Experience

3 Questions For Erik Vercouteren

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

We measure our efforts in improving the customer experience using the NPS metric. We also measure Customer Effort Score, and this is definitely a driver for improving the experience. Next to that, we measure underlying drivers of the recommendation score, such as price/value perception or perceived (network) quality.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

We communicate – above the line, but of course also in targeted campaigns, through mailings or text messages. We make sure that customers can find us easily via digital channels.

How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

In every customer journey that we design, we explicitly design through which channels we interact with the customer in every episode of the journey – preferably using the optimal channel from both customer’s and our own perspective. And we make sure that customers changing channels are helped seamlessly.

Erik Vercouteren is an Executive Vice President Customer Experience at KPN, Royal Dutch Telecom in The Netherlands. Erik is responsible for realising KPN’s ambitions in a strongly improving customers’ appreciation for KPN and making the company rank among the top service providers of The Netherlands. Together with his CX team, he collects customers’ feedbacks and translates them into actionable insights, (re)designs customer journeys and runs the company-wide transformation program to increase customer-centricity at KPN. Previously, Erik held different management positions within KPN; as an Operations Manager he was responsible for KPN’s Mobile Network, as a Program Manager he introduced 4G in The Netherlands, and he was overall responsible for KPN’s Products and Processes in the Consumer Market division.
Erik is married, has a fantastic 12 year old daughter (a great field hockey goal keeper) and lives in Amsterdam.


Global Head of Customers Management

3 Questions For Marcos Gallego Schmid

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

Usually, as any other company, we want the customer experience to be as rich and satisfying as possible, as this will make an impact in other more financial KPIs such as ARPU or Churn. However, the KPI mainly used to drive customer experience is CSI, whilst there are others that are starting to be deployed as NPS or Reptrack.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

Telecommunications industry is quite competitive, so the main focus is not only to be attractive in terms of price, but also to try to offer a product that is flexible, different and with an excellent experience at the same time.

How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

The customers expect to have a wide range of channels (digital, IVR, shop, etc…) which they can use to their best fit, so this is something we are expanding on a daily basis with new ways to reach our customers and trying also to have a homogenous experience across all of them.

Marcos Gallego Schmid is a Head of Global Consumer Customer Management and Hispam Brand Strategy at Telefónica, currently based in Colombia. Marcos is responsible for development and deployment of the business strategy in all Telefónica footprint, to monetize and also to bring additional revenues for all the B2C areas. He works with his team helping local stakeholders to define guidelines, strategy, roadmap, and to expand services across different segments. They also look for new and innovative services to improve not only Telefónica’s income, but also the customer journey. Marcos has also held different management positions within Telefónica; being a Head of Value Proposition he was responsible for Hispam’s offer strategy, as a Marketing Manager he launched Firefox and its Marketplace across all Latam, and as a Product Manager he globally launched different content services such as Music, Live Video Streaming or Games.
Marcos is married, has worked in Spain and UK, and is currently living in Colombia, where he can easily enjoy scuba diving trips all across the Caribbean.


Senior Project Manager / AI Trainings Unit Lead

3 Questions For Benjamin Sandfort

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

The most important KPIs are solution rate and response time.

How do you attract customer’s attention?

By trying every day to get the best for our customers and by constant new product and service innovations.

How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

We simplify and design our processes and the IT systems behind them in such a way that a perfect and uniform experience is possible for our customers across all touchpoints (hotline, shops, online, etc.).

Benjamin Sandfort – as a Senior Project Manager for AI projects – is responsible for establishing the first Artificial Intelligence Trainings Unit at the Customer Care department of Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider.
He manages and is responsible for all AI training and data augmentation projects, accompanies the digital transformation from the AI perspective and is the main contact person for projects and business representatives of AI projects within Swisscom customer support. His goal is further to develop the AI training unit and to ensure the optimal interaction of virtual and human agents, while taking the best possible customer experience into account.


Global Head Customer Care
Veon Wholesale Services

3 Questions For Mario Middendorp

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

We measure customer satisfaction and have ambitious goals defined for this. For VWS it’s more important how we daily cooperate together and regularly evaluate this with our customers and partners. So measuring re-active customer satisfaction is actually not bringing the most value add. Asking our customers what we need to do in order to achieve a certain number brings far more value.

How do you attract customer’s attention? How are you implementing Omni channel approach in the customer journey?

Within the wholesale B2B this is primarily done via:

  • printed magazines
  • Customer face2face meetings
  • Participating to the industry events
  • Participating in workgroups
  • membership of alliances

Mario Middendorp is currently Global Head Customer Care for Veon Wholesales Services.
For over 20 years he’s been working in telecoms both B2C and B2B for previous companies like Ben, T-Mobile and Orange Business Services. His key experience is in customer service management, customer experience, people management and change management. In all his roles he continuously seeks initiatives how to improve the quality of the services provided to customers (both internal and external) and how (account) teams can achieve a high professional customer centric standard.
Mario is married, has 3 sons of 12 year and twins of 8 years old living just north of Amsterdam. In his spare time he likes to play soccer, padel and golf. Tasting and drinking wine with family and friends accompanied with food from all over the world makes his day even better. He also enjoys travelling (Australia and Barcelona 2 favorites).



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